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Due to lots of junk, and other random abuse, I've removed all files. All mp3/wmas have been deleted. All other file types will be kept for a finite amount of time, and then deleted. Those can be sent upon request.

Disclaimer and Terms of Service: Any and all files uploaded can be freely viewed by anyone with an Internet connection. Any file uploaded for which you own, or own rights for can be taken, by the site's administrator, and used without notice, dues, royalties, or credit. At the sole digression of the administrator, any content submitted through this system can be taken as the intellectual property of the admin. Otherwise, all content posted is property of submitter. Illegal content will not be allowed on this system at any time, and will be removed if illegal/copyrighted material is found. Usage of this system signifies acceptance of these terms. These terms may be updated or changed at any time, without notice.